The purpose of this page is to keep those natives who are "away" informed. To offer those "from away" a small glimpse of this wonderful state. And to give those who just need to "get away" a place to visit albeit in cyberspace. .... Tony Cassista

For those of you "from away" as we like to call you, who have never been to Maine here are a few facts you might want to consider before you plan a visit. First, the average income of a Maine family is $600,000 annually. Secondly, 97.6% of all Mainers have a least one post-graduate degree in bio-engineering, quantum physics, or plain old rocket science (the dumb ones). We all drive BMW's , and our golf handicaps are in the low single numbers. So if feeling inferior is your thing, come see us this summer. Heck why wait until summer, the average temperature here is 72 degrees. All those stories of blizzards, ice-storms, and sub-zero temperatures are more hog-wash than the Warren Report!

To all the Mainers who for some reason flee south when the trees start turning all those gorgeous colors, I'll let you in on a secret. That "Fall" thing only lasts about two weeks and the temperatures shoot right back up again! Why do you think we never call or write the whole time you're gone? We're too busy partying, going to the beach, or having barbecues to give you a second thought! For you I've added links to a bunch of Maine Newspapers and local Television Stations so you can see what you're missing.

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