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Here are three links to Maine's Minor League sports franchises.    University of Maine athletics, and Maine humor with Tim Sample.   Also Red Green's new page (okay,okay I know Red's a Canadian but after watching his show on PBS he looks and acts like a Mainer to me ).   Besides, if Quebec goes independent, my buddies and me are going to annex Ontario and Red will be one!!!

sea dogs pirates Crustacean Nation!
umo black bear tim sample red green

The next set of links include two pretty famous Maine guys,   and a page called "exiles of Maine" that's grown to be a hub for Mainahs now living "away.   Also included are a bunch of handy links if you're planning to pay us a visit.

Stephen King J. Chamberlain exiles of Me
Stay Here! lighthouse Golf!
maine harbors camp maine l.l.bean

Recently added, a page celebrating Maines most famous Civil War regiment, the 20th Maine with links to Maine Civil War unit reenactors online.

20th Maine